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Company Profile

Fancysign is part of Ningbo Haitian International Company Limited which is approved and registered by Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economical Cooperation and listed top 500 in China.

Fancysign specializes in point of sale products. It offers poster frames, pavement sign, brochure stands, A boards, acrylic brochure holders & displays, light boxes, whiteboards etc. We also design and produce bespoke retail display stands in metal wood & plastic. We can silk-screen print or offset print logo on your products.

Our aim is to help customers develop the most effective and economical solution to promote their products.

Company Registration Number:.: 3302001001838

VAT number: 330204713374782
Registration Date: 1999-07-05
Registration Capital: RMB20,000,000.00
Why choose us?

l        Extensive business solution – we have wide knowledge on POS products and are able to provide the best way to display your brochures and products.

l        Quality products –we have a strict standard of production on our products, our workers are expertly trained in metal, acrylic & wood processing.

l        Quick turn around time – we manufacture some stock to meet small but urgent order. We provide sea, air & courier service according to customer’s demand.

l        Printing service – we not only manufacture the advertising display, but also print graphics, brochures, or your customized instruction sheet and insert them into the box kit for you. Just save your time and fulfillment house charge.

Customer service – we respond to your inquiry very soon, give the suggestions according to your actual need, check the price and product details in the first time.